Get better coverage and more protection for your screen with a TrueClear Curve Screen Protector that has a premium, glass-like feel. Protect your phone edge to edge from impacts, drops, and scratches, without interrupting the flawless tactile response or crystal clarity of your screen.

Edge-To-Edge Protection
Protect your new Samsung Galaxy with a glass-like screen protector that extends further to the edge of your screen and curves slightly for better coverage.

Compatible With Fingerprint Sensor
TrueClear Curve Screen Protector is specially designed to not interfere with the Samsung Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor.

Scratch and Smudge Protection
The advanced protection of TrueClear Curve prevents surface level scratches and scuffs, while an anti-fingerprint coating repels dirt and smudges that muddle your screen.

Flawless Touch Sensitivity
Fully preserve the experience of your Samsung Galaxy with a screen protector that responds to your fingers just like the actual screen.

Visible Clarity
Enjoy the brightness, sharpness, and detail of TrueClear Curve. Our screen protectors are extensively tested using optometric standards to provide the visual experience you expect.

Flawless Application
TrueClear Curve Screen Protection can be professionally applied to your phone by a trained professional, using a special developed application system. If you can’t make it to your local retailer, we’ve included an Easy Align tray for seamless, bubble-free home application.

Key Features

  • Edge-to-edge protection
  • Advanced protection against drops, impacts, and scratches
  • Compatible with Samsung fingerprint sensor
  • Maintains your screen’s crystal clarity and flawless tactile response.
  • Anti-smudge and fingerprint coating
  • Easy Align Tray included for at-home application