Spacetalk Adventurer is an all-in-one smartwatch, 4G phone and GPS device designed to keep kids safely connected with their families. With built in safety functions like SOS Alerts and Safe Zones, plus brand-new Wellness features, Adventurer is the safer first phone for kids aged 5-12.

Safer first phone for kids
With Spacetalk Adventurer, kids can make and receive calls, video calls and texts to and from a list of contacts approved by you. There’s even a Chat function where you can set up private group chats with the whole family. Plus, with no access to the internet or social media, there’s no worries about cyber bullying, distractions or access to inappropriate content- now that’s reassuring!

Spacetalk now has new features to make it easier for you to keep track of your child’s physical and emotional wellness. The Feelings feature helps kids express their emotions simply by selecting the emoji that best reflects how they feel- handy if your child is still learning how to express themselves. You can also see your child’s activity level, showing their heart rate, step count and most recent Feeling emoji to help paint a picture of their overall state of wellness, so you can check in and see if they’re ok.

Full Parental Control Via App
Parents can easily manage everything on their child’s device from the Spacetalk app on their own smartphone. You can approve trusted contacts, customize safety features, view fitness and Feelings data as well as see your child’s location at any time with location on demand. You can also activate School Mode, which turns off certain watch functions during school hours for distraction free learning.

Loved by Kids
Adventurer is full of features kids will love! There’s a 5MP camera for sharing their adventures with family and friends, a fitness tracker, HD Video Calling, Funny Sounds plus an Awards feature that lets kids earn stars for doing chores. Most of all, kids will love knowing they can call and message their friends and loved ones.

Key Features

4G Phone (2 way) 
Make and receive phone calls to and from parent-controlled contact numbers

SMS Messaging
SMS messages can be sent and received from contacts you allow through the app

School Mode
Silence SPACETALK during class to avoid distracting your child and others

GPS Tracking*
Parents can view their child’s location on demand and location history using the Spacetalk app

SOS Alerts
A SOS alert function can be programmed to call a sequence of guardians and even local emergency authorities

Water Resistant
IP67 Water resistant rating-dust, rain, splash and sweat proof

Heart Rate Monitor
Parents can monitor child’s heart rate via the Spacetalk app

Spacetalk app
Available for iOS control all Spacetalk devices in one easy to use app

Fitness Tracker
An integrated fitness tracker with voice feedback monitors your child’s physical activity

Bluetooth Connectivity
Connect to headphones or headsets

Take your star chart off the fridge and move it on to the Spacetalk App. Great for encouraging positive behaviour.

Realtime weather information can now be viewed on the location screen of the Spacetalk App. Simply tap the weather icon to view live and forecast information, at your child’s location. The weather feature can also be viewed by your child on their SPACETALK

High Security
Your privacy and security are assured. All data is hosted in Australia in highly secure data centers

Safe Places
Safe zones can be set up with customizable alerts to inform you when your child arrives and departs these zones

2x the Battery
Adventurer’s battery is double the size of its predecessor! Actual life will depend on location update settings and time spent on calls. Overnight charging is still recommended

Alarm Clock
Set multiple alarms or reminders to prompt your child, enabling them to become more responsible.

The Stopwatch function comes with a lap timer, so your child can measure their progress for training and competitions

*Spacetalk® Adventurer requires Nano SIM with voice calls, SMS and approximately 1GB data per month

*The Spacetalk ® app requires a monthly in-app subscription at $5.99pm for up to 2 watches and $8.99pm for up to 5 watches.