The Sunbeam Maestro 4-Slice Toaster hosts a range of features that combine to make toasting a pain free experience, including an LCD Countdown Display and QuickCheck aperture.

LCD Countdown Display
Counts down exactly how long you have left until your toast is ready

QuickCheck™ Feature
Check the progress of your toast without interrupting the cycle.

High-Lift Lever
Enables toast, muffins and crumpets to be raised up so they can easily be removed.

Key Features

  • Electronic browning controls and an LCD Display allow you total control over your toasting while keeping you informed to the second about your toasting progress.
  • Don’t burn yourself when trying to extricate toast, simply take advantage of the High-Lift Lever built in to the Maestro 4-Slice Toaster and remove it without risking your skin.
  • Easily toast up to 4 pieces of bread with the Stainless Steel TA6440 Maestro from Sunbeam.