It uses natural convection to cook food quickly and evenly with the lid down, making it economical to run. With the Weber 50010224 you’ll barbecue up to one hundred meals using the same 1 x 9 kilo gas bottle. Plus, the Baby Q’s cooking uses are endless, from steaks on the grill, to fish or salmon on the optional hot plate accessory or crusty pizza on the optional pizza stone.

Roast a succulent chicken or lamb with a perfect brown finish or even bake an apple pie using the optional Baby Q Convection Tray and Baby Q Trivet – it transforms your Baby Q into an oven in just seconds. The heat circulates all around the food for faster cooking and better flavour. And, the 50010224 features a single spark igniter to start preheating straight away and an easy clean drip tray for no-fuss cleaning. Enjoy the convenience of both BBQ and oven thanks to the Weber Baby Q.