You must ensure that your use of your new drone is compliant with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority Drone Safety Rules (CASA Rules). Before you fly your new drone, please check the important safety laws and information relating to flying drones in Australia by heading to and checking where you can fly by downloading any of these Drone safety apps. Note that the Product Overview below is subject to any prohibitions, restrictions and limitations set out in the CASA Rules.

4K UHD + Electronic Image Stabilisation
Inbuilt Electronic Image Stabilisation helps keep Pulsar+ steady mid-flight to withstand the impact of wind and sudden movements as it records in True 4K UHD Resolution (3840×2160 @30fps).

Wi-Fi FPV Mode (Up to 450m)
Advanced drone design with brushless motors provides up to 1000M remote range. 5G Image Transmission frequency offers a First-Person-View range of up to 450M using your smartphone or compatible VR Headset.

Brushless Motors
Provides greater torque and less friction, for better performance in flight, distance and speed.

Hardcover Carry Case
Compact, secure and foldable, the Drone will travel safely on any adventure in its hardcover carry case.

3-Axis Auto Gimbal & 4K UHD Optics
Shoot superior aerial photography and video with 4K Ultra-High Definition optics and a 3-axis remote controlled gimbal.

Intelligent Autopilot
Advanced features include Follow-Me, Fly Around-Me, Waypoint and Return Home modes.

Advanced Flight Systems
Sensor Technology constantly monitors your Drone’s surroundings ensuring smooth and precise flight.

Foldable Controller with LCD Display
Compact folding design with LCD display shows the key flying parameters on the LCD display for easy navigation.

Pulsar+ automatically follows you using your smartphone’s GPS location.

Automatically follow a person or object from a safe distance and height.

Fly Around-Me
Allows your Pulsar+ to automatically fly around a central point within a radius range of 5 to 50 metres.

Flight Plan/Waypoint
Set up to 18 waypoints for your Pulsar to automatically fly to.

Return Home, Low Battery & Signal Lost Modes
Smart functions and notifications help keep your drone safe and operative.

Return Home & Lost Modes
Bring your drone home automatically or with the press of a button.

Auto Gimbal Control
Operate the 3-axis 4K Camera Gimbal via the remote control to capture footage exactly as you want it.

Wi-Fi FPV Mode
Fly with Pulsar+ Point-Of-View using your iOS or Android Smartphone or compatible VR Headset as your viewfinder.

Controller with LCD Display
2.4 Ghz Remote Controller with LCD display provides key flight information at a glance.

Optical Flow Stability
An integrated sensor camera constantly takes pictures of the terrain immediately below Pulsar to keep it stable, especially when the GPS signal is low.

Foldable Design
Fold it up and take it anywhere. The Pulsar+ compact design makes it easy to carry, no matter where you go.

1000M Flight Range
Fly up to 1000 metres in any direction, or up to 450 metres with unbroken recording capabilities.

3200mAh Battery
Keep flying for up to 28 minutes on one charge. Monitor your battery via charge indicator LEDs.

Key Features

  • 4K Ultra HD Video
  • 1000 Metre Flight Range
  • Electronic Image Stabilisation
  • 3-Axis Gimbal
  • Brushless Motors
  • Up to 28 Minutes Flight Time
  • Smart Foldable Controller included
  • Advanced control with the Zero-X App