Entertain like a legend with the BeefEater 1200 Series Black Enamel 4 Burner LPG BBQ & Trolley with Side Burner, Cast Iron Burners & Grills BMG1241BB. Spread out across the extra large and rust resistant cast iron cook plate, with loads of surface area for loads of guests. Cook everything evenly thanks to flame tamers directing the fire just right.

Ignite with just one push of the knob, first time and every time. Powerful 15 megajoule burners can sear or slow cook with precise controls. Try out the hidden wok burner for stir fries you’ll remember. Peek at the magic through the viewing window, and keep tabs with the temperature gauge for just the right amount of roasting.

Easy and fast cleanup awaits with excess oil channels guiding waste to a drip tray. The hood of the barbeque rolls away to allow a snug fit against the wall once the castors are locked. It’s not complicated to setup either with a simple assembly guide included. NG conversion kit available, sold separately.