The BeefEater 1600 Series Stainless Steel 5 Burner BBQ & Trolley with Side Burner, Cast Iron Burners & Grills BMG1651SA is one of the most durable, flexible and efficient cooking systems available. The cast iron heats quickly, maintains consistency and lasts a very long time. With 17 megajoules of power in each burner, you can always turn the power up or down for precise cooking speeds.

Stainless steel vaporisers efficiently disperse the flames across the grill and plate surfaces whilst reducing flare ups. Cook up a feast for many for years to come on the spacious, durable cooktop. The cast iron cooking surface doesn’t chip and is rust resistant, yet strongly holds its warmth for the best cooking experience. Keep an eye on whats cooking without lifting the lid and maintain heat using the built in temperature gauge, and peer through the full width glass viewing window to check how the sausages or brisket are doing.

Start cooking quickly and easily with the quartz one start ignition that works first time, every time. Built to withstand high heat over time the burner box is built of high grade enamel. Fully seam welded throughout, moisture and grease can’t get into the gaps to create rust. Designed for an easy clean-up, the hotplate has raised sides preventing grease & oil over spilling, drawing it instead to the plate opening and into the front access catchment tray.

Turn the hotplate burners up for searing and the grill burners down for slow cooks. Get a practical BBQ trolley with ample storage for gas cylinders and barbeque accessories, along with spacious side shelves. The bump stop trolley feature prevents pushing the BBQ directly against the wall, providing extra ventilation and preventing damage when rolled back