Recycled Dry
For healthy living on a healthy planet. Whatever we do has a bigger impact on the planet than we may believe. From the food we eat to the cars we drive to dryers we choose to bring into our homes. Beko’s RecycledDry  Tumble dryers are made with approximately 15% recycled materials, including 2420 tons of waste plastic bottles. And if you wonder what that means, well, you get the same durability and performance you’d expect while the planet gets a little cleaner and healthier. We think that’s a win-win for both parties.

Hygienic Drying
Hygienic drying cycle. The Hygienic Drying Program provides a deep sterilization of your laundry killing the presence of live house dust mites and pollen. This sterilization is possible due to the high temperature in this program, offering perfect drying cycles to protect your little one’s clothes and delicate skin.

Low Temperature Setting
Gentle care for your delicate laundry. Look after your delicate clothes by drying them using a low temperature setting.

Key Features

  • Large 8kg drying capacity
  • OptiSense sensor drying
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty