**Delivery currently only available to Australian Metro areas

Hygienic drying cycle
The BabyProtect+® Program provides a deep sterilisation of your laundry killing the presence of live house dust mites and pollen. This sterilisation is possible due to the high temperature in this program, offering perfect drying cycles to protect your little one’s clothes and delicate skin.

Wave-like drum action for gentler treatment
Drying might take its toll on your clothes. So, here is AquaWave® system’s curved door glass and specially designed paddles that move the laundry in a wave-like action inside the drum, treating clothes gentler and improving the drying performance. Next time someone compliments your clothes and you reply, ‘What, this old thing?’ you might be telling the truth.

**This Model is NOT wall Mountable**

Key Features

  • 7kg Load Capacity
  • AquaWave®: wave-like action inside the drum
  • Electronic LED Display
  • Time delay: 3-6-9 hour delay