99.9% allergen free with the hygienic power of steam
SteamCure’s Hygiene+ steam cycle provides improved levels of cleanliness by heating the water up to 60 °C, reducing common household allergens by up to 99.9% (approved by Allergy UK). If you suffer from allergies explore a washer that helps. House Dust Mite Allergen, Cat Allergen, Dog Allergen, Fungi Allergen

Optimum detergent, efficient cleaning
Forget worrying about using enough detergent, or even adding it before every wash. Just fill your washing machine with liquid detergent and softener, and let AutoDose automatically dispense just enough of it for every programme. The result? Sparkling clean laundry every single time, without the constant hunt for the detergent bottle.

Steam Refresh
Enjoy the feel of refreshed clothes
When you wear clothes once and you don’t want to fully wash them again, but a quick go-over would freshen up your clothes. Now, your washing machine can refresh your clothes, removing wrinkles without doing a full wash. Steam infused into the washing machine refreshes the load so that you can enjoy fully refreshed clothing.

Fewer wrinkles, easy to iron clothes
Even when your shirts are perfectly clean, the wrinkles alone take hours to iron out. IronFast (shirts program) technology cleans your clothing with fewer creases so that the ironing afterwards takes a quick run though! Innovative IronFast technology optimizes water levels, temperatures, spinning cycles and steam. This all means fewer wrinkles that are ever so easy to iron out afterwards.

Key Features

  • Wifi Connection with Homewhiz. More Flexible and programs with Homewhiz.
  • DuoSpray. No Detergent Residue
  • Fast. Up to 55% faster cleaning
  • Recycle Tub. For healthy living on a healthy planet
  • AntiCrease. Wrinkle-free laundry