Perfect hot air distribution

Bake perfect cupcakes, roast a delicious Sunday dinner or use the grill to make a hearty but healthy breakfast. Aeroperfect technology provides uniform hot air distribution throughout the oven and minimizes temperature fluctuation, ensuring even and precise cooking every time.

Steam Assisted Cooking
Tender on the inside, crispy on the outside

Beko ovens with the SteamAid feature helps you cook fluffy and crispy homemade pastries together with chicken, meat, crispy on the outside and moist in the middle. Thanks to its steam generator, during the cooking cycle, steam is injected into the oven cavity automatically according to selected pre-set function, or it can be injected manually up to 3 times. So, no more dried out turkeys, chewy roasts or crusty casseroles.

Grease-resistant, easy-to-clean oven glass

We all love a juicy, oven-cooked meal. Having to clean the splashed grease on the oven door? Not so much. The interior oleophobic coating in CleanZone oven doors resists dirt and grease build-up for easy cleaning every time. Even after 20 cooking cycles, you simply wipe down the inside with a soft cloth. No scrubbing, no harsh chemicals needed.

Catalytic Walls
Grease-absorbing walls

Scrubbing the oven with strong cleaning products is nobody’s idea of fun. Catalytic liners on your oven’s back and/or side walls use clever science to absorb cooking grease and reduce food odors. So, you can save that elbow-grease for something a little more enjoyable.