Perfect hot air distribution

Bake perfect cupcakes, roast a delicious Sunday dinner or use the grill to make a hearty but healthy breakfast. Aeroperfect technology provides uniform hot air distribution throughout the oven and minimizes temperature fluctuation, ensuring even and precise cooking every time

Perfectly cooked meat every time

Don’t let undercooked or overcooked meat spoil your day. With CookSense you no longer have to guess how long the meat has to roast in the oven. You simply insert the probe into the meat and attach the device to the oven wall. It measures the internal temperature and tells you exactly when the meat is rare, medium or well done, so that the result is always perfect.

Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning
Intensive, chemical-free cleaning

Harsh chemicals, burnt-on splashes, endless scrubbing… Forget it all. Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning heats up the oven to 480 °C, turning food and grease residue to ash so that you can effortlessly wipe it away. The program lasts 2 hours for heavy soiling, and 90 minutes for light soiling, with the latter using 25% less energy. Tested by internal laboratories

Smooth & quiet door closing

No one wants to hear the jarring sound of an oven door slamming, but it can be difficult to keep it open when your hands are full. Special hinges on SoftClose oven doors make sure the door closes smoothly and quietly. So, you can worry less about noise and more about getting that dish on the table!Smooth & quiet door closing

Telescopic Shelves
Safe & easy-pull-out tray

If you find yourself struggling to get that heavy dish out of the oven, Telescopic Shelves will make your life easier. Its runner system lets you pull the shelf all the way out (or 2/3 of it, for partial Telescopic version) of the oven while supporting your dish.