Ultra-thin edge to edge protection.
ScreenForce TrueClear Curve Blue Light Filter is precision engineered to offer coverage that extends to the edges of your screen. TrueClear Curve is ultra-thin and delivers the smooth glide and flawless tactile response you expect from your phone’s screen. It’s also crystal clear, so you can watch videos and view content as it was meant to be seen while staying protected from impact, drops, and scratches.

Advanced impact protection.
Protect your phone from life’s mishaps with the best-in-class TrueClear Curve Blue Light Filter Screen Protector.

Premium TrueClear Curve protection.
Engineered for high impact resistance, our screen protector has your phone covered from edge to edge.

High-quality and durable screen protector.
Scratch guard tested with multi-level impact protection while giving a tactile response that feels like the natural screen.

Reduced discoloration and degradation.
Extend the life of your screen protector and from discoloration and degradation with the antimicrobial treatment that’s included in the glass.

Blue light filter.
Blue light filtration reduces light intensity and filters up to 20% of blue light in the 435-440nm range for when you’re looking at your screen for an extended time.

Touch sensitivity, compatible with fingerprint sensor.
TrueClear Curve Screen Protector responds to your fingers just like the actual screen. It’s designed not to interfere with the Samsung Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor.

Protect against scratches, smudges and fingerprints.
The advanced protection of TrueClear Curve prevents surface-level scratches and scuffs, while an anti-fingerprint coating repels dirt and smudges that muddle your screen

Key Features

Edge-to-edge protection*

Advanced defence against impact, drops, and scratches

Reduces up to 20% of blue light**

Antimicrobial coating protects the product discoloration and degradation

Compatible with Samsung fingerprint sensor

Maintains your screen’s crystal clarity and flawless tactile response

Anti-smudge and fingerprint coating

Easy Align Tray included for at-home application

*Screen protector has been optimised for case compatibility and may not reach the edge of your screen.
** Reduces light intensity and filters peak toxic blue light in 435-440nm range.