The Control Grip’s unique anti-suction technology means less liquid spilling out of your bowl and the ergonomic trigger grip gives your hand a natural position making use easier. 1.25 Litre jug and whisk attachment included.

Anti-suction blending technology
Revolutionary bell-shaped blending base combined with internal ribbing reduces suction for greater control and more efficient blending.

Ergonomic trigger grip
Trigger switch operation allows the hand to assume a more natural position and provides increased stability and control with soft touch finish.

Non scratch immersion blender
The 20 cm immersion depth lets you blend large quantities directly into a tall pot or container. And its non-scratch base protects your pots and pans.

Includes blending accessories
1.25 Litre jug with dual-purpose storage lid and anti-slip mat. 740 ml. chopping bowl with mini blade system and whisk attachment.

Compact storage
The jug houses the chopping bowl for convenient storage.