Have you ever left the house wondering if you’ve accidentally left an appliance on but its too late to go back and check?

Well, you don’t need to be left wondering anymore because with the Connect Smart Wi-Fi Plug you can connect any regular appliance, then control it from anywhere using the Connect SmartHome app on your phone.

You can check the power status of a device with a simple glance, turn it on and off from anywhere in the world with the tap of the screen, or even setup schedules and timers for a device to turn on/off autonomously.

A power monitoring tool built into the app lets you track monthly and even yearly power use, along with Watts, Amps, and Voltage ratings of any device currently being powered.

There is also Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa compatibility built-in, so you can pair devices with your favourite voice assistants, then use voice controls for a true hands-free experience.

Making your devices smarter is not only convenient for you but is also safer for your home.