Crate and Vinyl Pack, the best way to start your very own Vinyl Collection! Tracklist A1 Curtains Up (Skit) A2 White America A3 Business A4 Cleaning Out My Closet A5 Square Dance B1 The Kiss (Skit) B2 Soldier B3 Say Goodbye Hollywood B4 Drips B5 Without Me C1 Paul Rosenberg (Skit) C2 Sing For The Moment C3 Superman C4 HailieS Song D1 Steve Berman (Skit) D2 When The Music Stops D3 Say What You Say D4 Till I Collapse D5 My DadS Gone Crazy D6 Curtains Close (Skit)

Crosley Record Storage Crate Go crate-digging through your own collection with Crosley’s rustic wooden record crate. Fire-branded with the iconic Crosley logo this lightweight crate gives plenty of room to fill it with precious LPs. Product Features Integrated Carry Handles, Holds approximately 75 albums & Finished In Solid Wood

Track Listing

Disc 1
1. Intro (Curtain Call)
2. Fack
3. The Way I Am
4. My Name Is
5. Stan
6. Lose Yourself
7. Shake That
8. Sing For The Moment
9. Without Me
10. Like Toy Soldiers
11. The Real Slim Shady
12. Mockingbird
13. Guilty Conscience
14. Cleanin’ Out My Closet
15. Just Lose It
16. When I’m Gone
17. Stan (Featuring Elton John) (Live)