Unlock via Wi-Fi
Lock and unlock remotely using a Wi-Fi connection up to 650 feet away.

Rapid Fingerprint
Recognition Unlock Smart Lock in an instant via the fingerprint scanner—it’s faster than fumbling for your keys.

Automatic Locking
Internal sensor detects when your door is closed and locks it automatically behind you.

Weatherproof Security
Thanks to an IP65 waterproof rating, Smart Lock shrugs off heavy rain and snow for all-weather protection.

Bluetooth Unlocking
Use your phone’s Bluetooth and the eufy Security app to unlock your door as you approach.

Your Info Remains Private
A bank-grade security chip ensures your data remains private and secure.

Long-Lasting Battery
Get up to 365 days of security on a single set of batteries.

Built to Last
Durable and proven to work after locking and unlocking 250K times.

Works in Extreme Environments
Build to withstand temperature extremes between -30°C and 70°C.

Key Features

  • Remote control access through Wi-Fi and works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Advanced 3D Fingerprint Identification, provides instant recognition
  • Long lasting 365 days performance via built-in 10,000 mAh rechargeable battery and real time status alerts via the eufy security App
  • AES-256 Bank-Grade fingerprint security algorithm ensures accurate identification with encrypted storage for complete security
  • Durable BHMA certification rated for 250,000 times lock & unlock for long term performance