This Fisher & Paykel 6kg vented dryer delivers an effective drying performance, while treating your garments with the utmost of care. Auto-sensing technology detects moisture levels inside the drum, ending the cycle once your clothes are dry. This prevents under-drying as well as any damage caused by over-drying. It is also great for reducing energy consumption.

There are four fabric care cycles, including delicate and everyday, in order to provide fabric-specific drying. The robust door with die-cast metal hinges opens up to a full 180-degrees, making loading and unloading your items easy. This dryer comes with brackets and the control panel can be inverted, so if required, you can hang the dryer on the wall.

Auto-sensing technology
This clever technology monitors moisture levels within the drum to detect how wet or dry your clothes are. Once your garments are dry, the cycle will end. This avoids under-drying or damage from over-drying, plus improves energy efficiency.

Easy loading
The robust dryer door is built with die-cast metal hinges and can open up to a full 180-degrees, making loading and unloading easy.

Flexible installation
Dual-vent capability, a wall mounting kit and an invertible control panel gives you the flexibility to put your dryer almost anywhere and suit a variety of laundry set-ups.

Fabric cycles
Four fabric care cycles including Delicate and Everyday