SwitchZone flexibility
When you need extra space, SwitchZone lets you change the bottom right compartment to fridge or freezer. Change it back just as easily, or select any temperature between -18°C to +5°C.

Even cooling
Multi-Zone Air evenly circulates cool air to every corner of your fridge. By maintaining a stable temperature, this cooling system creates an ideal food storage environment, for lasting freshness.

Ice and water
The automatic ice maker delivers a constant supply of ice in your freezer, and a slimline door water dispenser provides fresh chilled water.

Wi-Fi enabled
With Wi-Fi capability, you can easily control your fridge settings from anywhere using the SmartHQ app.

Lasting freshness
Two Humidity Zone drawers offer ideal humidity-controlled conditions to store your fresh fruit and vegetables.

Flexible storage
Cantilevered shelving in the fridge lets you easily adjust your storage space to suit your needs, with full back-panel LED lighting to provide a clear view of the whole interior.

Key Features

  • SwitchZone compartment lets you change the temperature between -18°C to +5°C
  • Plumbed-in water dispenser and automatic ice maker
  • Wi-Fi connected for remote control of your fridge and alerts through the SmartHQ app
  • Advanced Anti-Bacterial Treatment (ABT) technology reduces bacteria
  • Multi-Zone Air cooling system for consistent airflow to every corner of the fridge
  • 4.5-star energy rating