iRobot Roomba s9+ Robot Vacuum.

The Roomba s9+ robot vacuum introduces a suite of groundbreaking technology, built into a brand-new design to clean deep into corners and along edges, map your home, and empty on its own.

Cleans up after itself
Takes care of the cleaning from start to finish – emptying on its own into a disposable bag that holds 30 bins of dirt, dust, and hair, so you don’t have to think about vacuuming for weeks at a time. The enclosed bag traps dust, so it can’t escape into the air.

Never cuts corners
PerfectEdge™ Technology finds dirt where it hides using Maximised-Edge Design and a specially angled corner brush to reach deep into corners. Advanced sensors constantly scan ahead of the robot, helping it to get close to walls and deep into corners.

High-performance detailed cleaning
The 3-Stage Cleaning System uses 30% wider brushes with rubber treads that stay in constant contact with carpets and hard floors, and 40X the suction for our deepest clean yet.

Vacuums messes in the moment
Cereal on the floor? Cat knock over a potted plant? The s series can target specific areas within your rooms, like in front of the couch or under a table, for easy, hands-free clean-up, with just the sound of your voice

Learns the way you clean
The Roomba® s9+ robot vacuum learns your cleaning habits and can suggest automatic schedules to clean around your life. Making effortless cleaning even easier, so you can focus on everything else.

Your clean your way
Imprint Smart Mapping allows you to control which rooms are cleaned and when, for vacuuming that works around you and your schedule. Plus, you can tell your robot to stay away from certain areas or objects with customisable Keep Out Zones.

Steer clear of objects
You can tell your robot to stay away from certain areas or objects with customizable Keep Out Zones.

The dream team of clean
With Imprint Link Technology, the Roomba s9+ robot vacuum & Braava jet m6 robot mop team up to vacuum then mop automatically in perfect sequence.

Ideal for homes with pets
30% wider Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes don’t get tangled with pet hair. High-Efficiency Filter traps 99% of cat & dog allergens.