Prepare batches of fresh tasty food in seconds. MultiPro Express makes homemade fast and fuss-free. Make crudités or fries and dice veggies for salad with Express Dice™.

Key Features

All you need to get started
Comes with everything you need. From a large 3L bowl to essential tools for fast, effortless chopping, slicing and grating. Prepping veg, salads and herbs is easy.

Space saving design
Make enough for everyone without giving up worktop space. It’s our most compact 3L machine. Keep slicing, grating and dicing – you have the freedom, however much you like.

Makes life sweeter
MultiPro makes more than savoury foods. Get creative and use the kneading tool for bread dough. The 2-in-1 baking tool™ can whip cream too. One less tool for the store cupboard.

Everything in its place
Never lose that extra part again. The Smart Store™ bag helps to keep everything together and stored neatly. Lay your hand to the right tool in an instant.

Speed select dial™
Two speeds and a turning dial make food prep fast and easy. Take away guess work with clear icons to show you the right attachment for every task.

Perfect results
Remove the smaller pusher for a rounder feed tube that keeps thin ingredients, like carrots, upright for neat slices. Or use the larger tube for bigger ingredients. Clear measurements make adding oil easy.

Power at your fingertips
The 1000W motor is built to last. It’s simple to control with two speeds – one for everyday and one for extra power for tougher ingredients like root veg. Use the pulse on speed dial to coarsely chop herbs.

A choice of discs
The neat design packs in a generous 3L bowl. It comes with four discs to slice, grate and dice. Just pop them on and away you go.

Dishwasher safe tools
MultiPro Express saves time on cleaning as well as food prep. Just pop tools in the dishwasher.