Fill once. Wash loads. And loads. And loads.
Fill the auto-dose detergent dispenser once, and wash up to 35 medium loads.
ezDispense detects the weight of each load, and releases a preset dose to suit, saving you the time and hassle of manually filling the detergent dispenser every load.

Intelligent Fabric Care
LG front load washers with AI Direct Drive technology can weigh the load and assess fabric softness to automatically select the optimal wash motions for thorough cleaning and clothing care.

Outstanding performance, whilst caring for your clothes
LG washers use a combination of 6 motions, based on hand-washing, to wash your clothes. Simply choose a cycle and your machine selects the best combination of washing motions to give you an outstanding wash, whilst also caring for your clothes.

Turbo Clean 360
Wash 5kg of clothes in just 39 minutes
With water jets operating during the wash and rinse, this machine can wash a 5kg load of lightly soiled clothes in only 39 minutes.

Allergy Care with Steam+
Reduce exposure to allergens with the Allergy Care Cycle with Steam+
Select the ‘Allergy Care’ cycle with Steam+ to open up fibres and assist in reducing exposure to common household allergens such as house dust mite, pollen allergen and bacteria.

Wrinkle Care with Steam+
Help relax wrinkles with Wrinkle Care with Steam+
Select ‘Wrinkle Care’ function with Steam+ to help reduce wrinkles in your washing.

Big Capacity Drum
Fits large loads + bedding
Power through large loads, or wash bulky items like bedding easily, thanks to the big capacity drum.

Keeps on cleaning
Featuring a durable tempered glass door, and a stainless steel lifter.

LG ThinQ
Smart control, smart life
LG ThinQ technology incorporates intelligent features that let you remotely start or monitor your wash progress. You can also track wash cycle history, diagnose and troubleshoot issues and download additional wash cycles.