SurroundCooling – Cools from front and back
Cold air surrounds your food from both the front and back for effective cooling – quickly reducing the temperature of those items stored at the front of the fridge, and helping keep food fresher for longer.

Door Cooling – Fast cooling for stored door items
Air vents located in the front ceiling of the fridge direct cold air onto items stored in the top door baskets.
*Door cooling starts 15 seconds after the doors are closed.

Multi Air Flow – A fresh approach
Air vents located in the rear of the fridge/freezer direct cold air into the fridge cavity to help keep food fresh.

Movable Ice Maker – ‘Freeze up’ space
Nifty movable twist ice maker can be removed when more freezer space is needed.

Smart Diagnosis – Trouble-free troubleshooting
Troubleshoots minor issues and keep updated with maintenance alerts so you can avoid the need to make a service call.

Smart Inverter Compressor – 10 Year Parts Warranty
The LG Smart Inverter Compressor uses inverter technology in the compressor system. As the Inverter Compressor is the heart of your refrigerator we back this with a 10 year parts warranty on the compressor.*


  • 315L Top Mount Fridge in Silver Finish
  • Cools from front and back with SurroundCooling
  • Fast cooling for stored door items with Door Cooling
  • A fresh approach with Multi Air Flow
  • ‘Freeze up’ space with Movable Ice Maker
  • Trouble-free troubleshooting with Smart Diagnosis
  • 10-Year Parts Warranty on the Smart Inverter Compressor