Clear, crisp speech
Hear amazing voice clarity from the Centre Up-firing Channel, and audio that locks to the on-screen action.

Enter a world of virtual 3D sound
Put yourself at the centre of immersive, realistic sound. Triple Level Spatial Sound creates an extra layer of virtual audio*, that helps you feel like you’re in a dome of sound.

3.1.1-channel sound
Become part of the scene with room-filling 400W 3.1.1-channel sound and the immersive excellence of Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X®.*

Upgrade your sound
Experience richer sound. LG Smart Up-Mixer converts 2-channel audio into stunning virtual multi-channel sound.*

Sound engineered for what you enjoy
Enjoy great sound, whether you’re watching movies, catching up on the news, or listening to music. With AI Sound Pro, LG Sound Bar’s intelligent algorithm analyses your content to help deliver enhanced performance.

Sound and vision in perfect harmony
A winning combination. WOW Orchestra uses your LG Sound Bar and compatible LG TV speakers^ at the same time to create impactful sound. Hear crisp, clear dialogue that appears to come directly from the characters on screen, and an expanded soundstage for audio with extreme width and depth.

Sound in sync for dynamic gaming
Free up ports on your TV and connect 4K gaming consoles to your LG Sound Bar, without compromising graphics performance. With VRR and ALLM, your Sound Bar helps ensure smooth, low input lag gaming.*

Key Features

400W Total Power & 3.1.1 Channels

Centre up-firing speaker for clear dialogue

Dolby Atmos® for above and around sound

WOW Orchestra uses LG Sound Bar & compatible LG TV speakers together^ for more impactful sound

Works with Amazon Alexa™, Google Home™ and Apple AirPlay 2