Intelligent Washer and Dryer Solution
The LG WashTower is a combined washer and dryer laundry solution that delivers a stylish, smart and easy to use appliance with a convenient central control panel.

Available in White or Black Steel.
Designed to Care for What You Wear
Innovative design. Intelligent washing. The sleek streamlined washer below, dryer above design will inspire creative new ways to layout your laundry space.

Easy Reach Control Panel
The centrally located panel provides easy access to both the washer and dryer controls in an easily accessible location.

What is AI DD?
AI DD refers to Artificial Intelligence? technology that has been applied to control the machines washing motions via the Direct Drive Motor. By using AI technology and referencing a database of wash motions the machine assesses the load characteristics and selects the best option for a thorough clean with reduced clothing wear
For Cotton cycles only.

Smart Pairing
Automatically sets the dryer cycle based on the last wash cycle completed by the washer.
LG ThinQ app required. Compatible smartphone required with Android 4.1.2 (JellyBean) or later or iOS9 or later required for LG ThinQ app. Mobile 3G/4G or Wi-Fi connection.

TurboClean 360
With water jets operating during the wash and rinse, this machine can wash a 3kg load of lightly soiled clothes in only 39 minutes.

Super Efficient 10 Star Energy Rated Dryer
By utilising a compressor instead of an electric heater to create hot air, LG heat pump dryers use less electricity than traditional vented dryers.

Auto Cleaning Condenser
Condenser with Convenient Cleaning
Enjoy hassle-free maintenance of the Auto Cleaning Condenser. It self-cleans so you don’t have to.