Discover the exceptional flexibility of three cordless vacuums in one incredible innovation. Experience powerful suction and faster cleaning in any space with Miele’s unique Triflex HX2 3in1 design.

Ultimate flexibility for any situation

Discover a form for every function with Miele’s unique design of three cordless modes in one vacuum.

Effortless deep cleaning

Effortless Deep Cleaning. With the adjustable PowerUnit positioned in its low position, the device will feel light in your hand. Combined with the extra-wide electrobrush, Comfort mode makes cleaning large areas feel effortless. In Comfort mode, the unit can easily be stored upright in a standing position. This is particularly handy if taking a short break from cleaning or if wanting to store away in its upright position.

Maximum range

For hard to reach places, setting the PowerUnit in the high position makes lifting and manoeuvring the Triflex unit a breeze. In Reach mode, you can easily clean ceiling corners and underneath low furniture. The unit does not stand upright on its own in ‘Reach Mode’. However, it can be house perfectly on the charging station if it has been installed onto the wall. This setup is perfect for those who love the traditional feel of a handstick vacuum.

Easy handling

In Compact mode, the Triflex unit offers simple lightweight handling. This setup is ideal for quick clean ups or in particularly tight spaces. Compact mode can be the perfect solution for giving your car a quick spruce up or your computer desk a once over. Accessories attach directly onto the end of the power unit for quick and simple use for many different applications.

XXL floorhead

The extra wide electrobrush means you can cover more ground in less time, without compromising on performance. The XXL electrobursh automatically adapts to all floor types so you can experience faster deep cleaning on every surface. The floor head is also very simple to keep clean. There is a cutting line down the brush, which easily allows you to remove tangled up hair. In addition, the side cover is can be taken off allowing you to remove the floorhead components completely.