Based on our customers concerns and everyday ergonomic issues, ONEX has developed this electric height adjustable stand up desk to satisfy your different sitting and standing habits. You can freely change your sitting posture or standing height. With our patented one button folding technology, the desk can save you a lot of space. ONEX continues to lead the way and stay ahead of our peers. We are always bringing our consumers the highest quality product for your healthy working life.

ONEX GDE1600DH electric height adjustable stand up desk is equipped with one button control system, enabling customers to adjust the height freely and easily. Our system can memorize your favourite sitting or standing height with four programmable memory presets. When you adjust the desk to your preferable height, it will lock the desk to that height without any changing. And it will also protect your assets and itself by bouncing back against any obstacle while lifting. It’s a human friendly operation design to satisfy all our customer’s need.

ONEX GDE1600DH electric height adjustable stand up desk has dual motors, which support two legs separately along with the driving system. This special construction will ensure the smooth and efficient movement, as well as long lifetime of the desk. Double motors help to increase the load capacity and faster the lifting speeds, and to avoid the jitter and noise normally associated with the single motor transmission gears.

ONEX GDE1600DH electric height adjustable stand up desk is made of environmental friendly material, which is good for your breath and health. ONEX takes part in the social responsibility of environment protection by adopting ecofriendly material in production. Its formaldehyde emission is much lower than the international standard, 1.5MG/L. Our electric stand up desk is also waterproof, stain resistant, and easy to clean up.

ONEX has developed an anti-collision sensor to keep your office desk from damage. Your ONEX GDE1600DH electric height adjustable stand up desk has strong sensitivity. It will stop from rising or lowering when it touch any obstacle while lifting, and then it will bounce back to the previous height. Customers can use our electric stand up desk in work or home with no worry about any unexpected damage.

ONEX GDE1600DH includes a Mouse Pad

Key Features:

  • Dual Motor Construction for smooth and efficient movement
  • It features Eco-friendly Smooth Carbon Fibre Texture Desktop.
  • Balancing, Self-locking Protection & Anti-collision System
  • This desk is suitable for your work from home area, gaming setup or office space.
  • It has a steel construction with a carbon fibre texture for a smooth feel and durability.
  • It has adjustable levelling feet for finding your optimal field of view.
  • It has an assembly time of 20 minutes.
  • A 12 month warranty is included.