Protect your watch from the hazards of everyday life with PanzerGlass™. Accidental bumps against handrails, elevator doors or table corners are no match for this scratch and shock-resistant screen protector glass. It even keeps your watch safe if you knock it down from your nightstand or bathroom sink onto a stone-hard floor. As an added bonus, the smudge-free coating with antibacterial effect kills up to 99.99% of all common surface bacteria and reduces traces of fingerprints and dirt. The screen protector glass is easy to install – just click it on and off as you like – and once installed, you’ll never again fear the screeching sound of glass against metal. This may never happen, but if it does, you’ll regret not having clicked “add to cart”.

The full-body glass covers the entire front as well as the curved sides of your watch, while still providing easy access to all button controls. It comes in FSC-labelled packaging that can be recycled.

Key Features

  • Avoid scratches and damage on both the screen and edges
  • Full Body allows for an easy single click installation
  • Coated with an oleophobic layer which both is anti-bacterial and anti-fingerprint
  • Compatible with Apple Watch series 7/8/9 (45mm) device only