The future of OLED Is here
With over 8 million specially engineered self-illuminating pixels, contrast is breathtaking. At its best in viewing settings with controlled lighting, the Samsung OLED is intensely cinematic.

Colour and brightness are stunning and life-like with Samsung’s QD-OLED pixels powered by Quantum Dot technology. Each pixel consists of three subpixels (red, green and blue) to optimise brightness, colour accuracy and durability. No white subpixels in sight to compromise colour reproduction.

Exceptional detail unveiled
Hollywood’s HDR movies and streaming shows leap off the OLED screen with unimaginable detail.

An incredible Dolby Atmos experience
Lose yourself in the breathtaking realism of cinematic sound, right in your own home. Your Samsung TV features Dolby Atmos support to deliver larger-than-life audio experiences.

Upgrade your content
Thanks to the power of AI upscaling, your TV is designed to upgrade your favourite content to 4K resolution, to help ensure it always looks awesome.

Clarity in motion
See fast moving scenes with minimal blur and judder with Samsung Motion Rate 200 with 1ms pixel response time.

The Intelligence behind the beauty
Behind the brilliant beauty of the OLED TV screen is Samsung’s intelligent Neural Quantum Processor 4K that powers your display’s hardware to create a truly brilliant viewing experience.

Ultra-smooth gaming performance
With exceptional motion enhancements up to 4K 144Hz, it levels up your gaming experience with consistently crisp visuals at incredibly high speeds. Unlocking peak performance in every round is within your reach. HDMI 2.1 compatibility allows for ultra-high bandwidth for compatible devices to keep you ahead of the competition and at the top of your game.

Built-in Voice Assistant – Bixby & Alexa
Control your TV using your favourite voice assistant. Ask it to change the volume, find that new series or check on your connected devices in your smart home. The possibilities are endless.

Key Features

  • 55″ 4K Ultra HD Resolution self-illuminating QD-OLED display with Quantum Dot technology
  • Motion Rate 200 with 4K 144Hz VRR via HDMI 2.1
  • Smart TV powered by Tizen and works with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple AirPlay 2
  • An incredible Dolby Atmos experience
  • AI Upscaling designed to upgrade your favourite content to 4k resolution
  • See a great view from virtually wherever you sit with Ultra Wide Viewing Angle
  • Adaptive Picture cleverly optimises your picture settings
  • Object Tracking Sound Lite
  • Adaptive Sound helps ensure you never miss a word
  • Ambient Mode transforms the blank screen into a beautiful and informative display
  • AMD Freesync Premium
  • SolarCell One Remote powered by light energy
  • Works with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple AirPlay 2