Things to know before you ride
Ride with caution and always wear a helmet and protective gear. Each state and territory in Australia have different rules and regulations for using your product, including where you can legally use such products and if you need to register them with your state’s road traffic authority. Any information provided by JB Hi-Fi is general in nature only and may not take account of your specific circumstances. It is the responsibility of each user to check their local laws before riding.

Meet the Ninebot KickScooter MAX G2 – the ultimate electric scooter for a comfortable and safe ride. With Segway-Ninebot’s innovative RideyLONG™ technology, powerful brushless motor, rear-wheel drive, double suspension system, and Traction Control System, the MAX G2 unlocks your ride to the next level! The MAX G2 also boasts a theoretical range of up to 70 km on a single charge, thanks to its newly developed long-range formula tires and optimized controller algorithm. Upgrade to the MAX G2 and experience the ride of your life on city roads, back alleys, or gravel paths in the countryside.

Key Features

70km Comfortable & Safe Ride on the World’s Most Durable Scooter Ever
Thanks to the newly developed RideyLONG™ technology, its powerful rear-wheel drive, combined with a double suspension system, and the Traction Control System to maintain stability on slippery roads, the MAX G2 unlocks your ride to the next level!

Segway-Ninebot’s RideyLONG™ Self-Developed Technology
RideyLong™ coordinates the high-performance brushless motor, newly developed long-range formula tires and the optimized controller algorithm with these hardware, firmware and software, offers an extra-long range of up to 70 km with the same battery as G30!

More Powerful Motor
Direct-current brushless with motor Hall sensor, improved by 28% power (compared with MAX G30), gives MAX G2 sustainable propulsion on all kinds of road conditions. With its rear-wheel drive, you can enjoy greater freedom and convenience when you cruise around on your MAX G2.

More Efficient Tires
New tire formula, reduces wear and tear from deformation and friction. Increased traction and frictional coefficient.

More Efficient Control System
Improved availability of battery. Make the Hall sensor work linearly, smoother and energy-saving

Double Suspension System
To bring always more comfort to your ride, the MAX G2 is designed with a double suspension system. Thanks to the suspension mechanism with hydraulic damper at the front and double spring suspension at the rear, no more fear of the impact of obstacles such as steps, gravel roads, and speed bumps.

Anti-skid TCS
TCS (Traction Control System), with Ninebot delicate controller algorithm, increase traction on gravel tracks or slippery roads for stability and safety

Dual Braking System Ensure Safety
Equipped with a front drum brake and E-ABS rear brake

10-inch Self-sealing tubeless tires
RideyLong™ formula tires, up to 4mm puncture resistance.

Larger Size Designed, More Comfortable
Upgraded ergonomic design bring more comfortable riding experience to the users, especially for tall and heavy users.

LED front light with 13.5m long illumination
EU E-Mark Certification Front + rear integrated turn signal lights

Electric Bell
High-decibel (75-85dB, 2m distance, 1.2m height reach)

Track your KickScooter with Apple Find My network
Thanks to Apple Find My network, you can locate your KickScooter anywhere! After enabling Apple Find My via Segway-Ninebot App and pairing it with your KickScooter, you can quickly locate your KickScooter when needed via the ”Find My” App on your iPhone.