Key Features

High-quality Sennheiser sound
Enhance your TV listening with crystal-clear, detailed, well-balanced stereo sound.

Sound modes
Three listening profiles – Speech, Music, Neutral – to adjust the sound to your preference for TV, music, podcasts, and streaming video.

Easy volume control
Ergonomic control dial directly on the headphones offers intuitive volume adjustment.

Exceptional comfort
Lightweight on-ear headphones with low headband pressure for optimal wearing comfort during long TV sessions.

Long battery life
Up to 20 hours playback from the rechargeable AAA batteries.

Up to 60m range
Digital wireless transmission ensures no analog static for listening freedom around the home.

Combination transmitter/charging dock
Easy connection to TVs via RCA or 3.5mm plugs while providing a convenient charging station for the headphones.

Broadcast transmission
Enables several receivers to be used with one transmitter for shared viewing experiences.