Bring filter coffee back into fashion with this beautiful drip brewer from Smeg. Keeping in line with Smeg’s Retro Style small appliances, this drip coffee machine will provide an aromatic brew whenever your cravings call. With 4-cup functionality and a 10-cup capacity, this machine can hold its own in home kitchens and office kitchenettes alike. With the choice between Light and Intense aroma settings, you can prepare drinks for every palate. Using the Auto Start mode, you can program the appliance to begin brewing to align with your morning routine. The Keep Warm mode will keep your coffee at prime serving temperature for up to an hour, so you won’t have to brew all over again if you want a second cup. Available in seven splendid colours, the Smeg Drip Filter Coffee Machine combines popping aesthetics with reliable technology for flavour you’ll want to savour.

Sometimes you need a coffee to shake you from a 3PM slump, and then there are times when you want coffee to ease you into the day. Using the Aroma Intensity Selector, you can choose between Light and Intense aromas to cater to everyone at the table.

For a convenient touch, this brewer features an Auto Start mode that allows you to predetermine a brewing time. This means you can wake up to freshly brewed coffee, or have it ready for when you get home from the shops. This mode also lets you select the aroma intensity of the brew.

This brewer can prepare up to 10 cups of coffee at once, so it’s up to the task of entertaining family or friends. There’s also a handy 4-cups function that allows you to brew a smaller amount of coffee that is still enough for multiple people.

Smeg are as attentive to form as they are to functionality, presenting an aesthetic inspired by the pop art movement and iconic Italian design. When these drip machines aren’t busy brewing, they can be shown off and coordinated with the other small appliances in their family. From subdued pastels to more intense, popping tones, there’s a finish to suit every personality.