A retro stand mixer from Smeg grants you the opportunity to step back in time while always going forward with your results. Whether you’re a baking novice or a dough pro, this mixer will encourage you to think outside the tray.

A planetary mixing action within the 4.8L stainless steel bowl ensures thorough mixing of your ingredients. Go from delicate to vigorous with 10 variable speeds, with a smooth start to prevent splashing outside the bowl. The included attachments are a flat beater, wire whisk, and dough hook – suitable for preparing everything from a pizza base to a Christmas pudding. You also have the option of purchasing additional attachments and fitting them to the front accessory port.

This stand mixer is made to complement other benchtop appliances in Smeg’s 50s retro range. From colourful pastel hues to a deep black, there’s a Smeg stand mixer for every kitchen.

Retro finishes
It’s not only the soft, sinuous lines that hark back to the 1950s, but also the vibrant range of colour finishes. You have the choice of gentle pastels like green and blue, bolder hues like red and black, and traditional finishes such as silver and cream. No matter your decision, this stand mixer will live on your benchtop as a cult object.

10 variable speeds
With 10 variable speeds, this stand mixer offers far more versatility than your own two hands. Whether you’re aerating cream or mixing a heavy cookie dough, you can calibrate the motor to deliver the power required. The speed is controlled from the top of the unit for ergonomic convenience.

Planetary mixing action
Enjoy comprehensive mixing with a bowl that remains stationary and a beater that moves evenly around the sides. This method works well with heavy doughs and it helps you work faster because you don’t have to intervene to manually scrape food into the centre of the bowl.

Practical attachments
The three distinct mixer attachments will make light work of any baking endeavour. Use the wire whisk to mix egg whites, or to craft your own creamy mayonnaise. The dough hook will help to produce a fine cookie mixture or to knead a pizza base, and the flat beater is your reliable all-rounder.