Shop the Sole Gym Starter Package for a well known fitness brand offering quality and affordable cardio equipment and service. It is consistently ranked as the best-recommended brand by consumer review agencies for decades. Sole continues to innovate in the fitness industry with the belief that the quality of the product affects the quality of the world.

The Sole Strength series is the latest lineup designed for fitting your daily workout needs with these ageless training accessories, to assist customers to build up a stronger self with our free weights and other traditional equipment to facilitate strength and hypertrophy training at home.

Sole ProHexagon Dumbbells

The Sole ProHexagon Dumbbell set features a knurled ergonomic handle design and an anti-roll rubber-coated hexagon shape for providing essential grip and security. Full weight sets including pairs of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 lbs. This dumbbell set is great for resistance training for arms, back, chest, core and legs.

  • Knurled ergonomic handle
  • Anti-roll rubber-coated hexagon shape design
  • Full weight sets

Sole Weight Plates

The Sole weight plate set features a premium rubber coating for security and floor protection during dropping. The solid centre sleeve design offers an exact contact between the plate and the bar. It is specifically designed for the Sole Olympic bar suitable for your home gym in daily use. Full weight sets include pairs of 2.5,5,10,25,35 and 45lbs

  • Solid centre sleeve
  • Premium rubber-coating design
  • Full weight sets

Sole Half Rack

The Sole Half Rack is a multifunction piece of equipment for your daily training at home. Constructed of commercial-grade heavy-duty steel, finished by exceptional multilayer coating to maximize durability and reliability. It?s the perfect design for performing squats, deadlifts, pull-ups and more. Incorporate the sole adjustable bench for added versatility.

  • Featuring a pair set of safety bars, J Hooks, bar holders, dumbbell storage and dual pari sets of plate storage
  • Max capacity up to 455kg
  • Tube thickness of 2mm
  • Product dimension 1304mm*1776mm*2353mm

Sole Olympic Bar

The Sole Olympic bar is made with heavy-duty construction, shaft finish by black Zinc coating, and Chemical Chrome Grooved sleeve to protect the rusting and wearing.

Its size of 2.2m metres (7.2ft) long and weight 20kg(44lb) with 194,000 PSI tensile strength are strong enough to load your most demanding lifts and insanity training under the Olympics standard.

The 6-section knurling handle provide moderate friction to improve the griping experience, and also effectively reduce the muscle tension to increase safety during training.

  • 2.2m/20kg Olympic standard design
  • 194,000 PSI tensile strength
  • 6-section knurling handle design
  • Black Zinc coating shaft finish
  • Chemical Chrome Grooved sleeve