Breakfasts are made better with the Sunbeam DiamondForce Brekky & Banquet Frypan & Skillet Set, which makes it a breeze for you to prepare delicious, filling meals to jumpstart your day.

Experience DiamondForce
Durable and easy to clean with just a simple wipe, the Sunbeam DiamondForce Brekky & Banquet Frypan & Skillet Set features DiamondForce non-stick coating on the base. Thanks to this coating, you can easily cook healthy dishes with little to no oil.

Precision Cooking
With a 2400W (frypan) and a 1200W (skillet) cast-in heating element, the DiamondForce Brekky Set is controlled by a thermostat to help maintain cooking temperatures at precise levels and provide rapid heat-up times. Once done cooking, it then helps keep your food warm even when taken out of the stove.

Cook the Easy Way
This Brekky & Banquet Set features a Tilt & Baste level for hands-free basting, oil draining while cooking, and easy meal serving. It also comes with a probe, so you can easily determine your food’s core temperature for excellent cooking results.

Straightforward Design
Thanks to the Sunbeam DiamondForce Frypan and Skillet’s cool touch handles, it helps keep your fingers from getting burned while cooking at high temperatures. For added convenience, it is dishwasher-safe to make maintenance simple and easy.

What’s In The Box?
1x Sunbeam DiamondForce Banquet Frypan
1x Sunbeam DiamondForce 25cm Skillet