Apply gentle warmth and heat while you relax and ease muscle tension right where you need it. Sunbeam heating pads provide direct, calming heat anywhere on your shoulders, back, neck, arms, feet and legs. The pad also comes with a fabric sleeve to help keep it in place.

Sunbeam heating pads feature easy-to-use controllers. Choose your ideal heat intensity from 5 settings and get fast heat-up with consistent temperature. When in use, the built-in Intellisense Technology prevents overheating and maintains consistent heat pad temperature. In addition, the safety auto-off feature means power is automatically cut from the heating pad after 3 hours of continuous use.

Made with a softy velvety fabric that’s machine washable, enjoy the comfort of soothing warmth while working on your laptop or relaxing on the lounge with Sunbeam’s heating pad.

Focused Heat, Multipurpose Use
Apply gentle heat and relieve tension from sore muscles where you need it, particularly on common sore spots such as the shoulders, back, neck, arms and legs.

Consistent Heat With Intellisense Technology
Keeps heat pad temperature consistent and prevents overheating so you can relax and be comfortable.

Safety Auto-off
The heating pad automatically shuts off after 3 hours for your safety and peace of mind.
Five Heat Settings, Fast Heat-up

Using the easy-to-use digital controller, select preferred heat level and get heat-up in just 90 seconds.

Stays In Place
Designed with a convenient fabric sleeve to help keep the heating pad in place when being used for arm or leg muscles.

Cosy Fabric, Machine-washable Design
Enjoy the soft fabric on your skin as you soothe your muscles. Made with easy-to-clean polyester, the heating pad is easy to wash. Simply detach controller and place in washing machine.