The UFC All-In-One Workout Station is the ultimate All-In-One home workout training station.

The UFC Zone + Bench features:

  •  Multiple storage for fitness accessories
  •  Racks for 2 Sets of Dumbbells
  •  Anchor rings for fitness accessories like powerband/battle ropes
  •  Tray for training gear, towels, and phone.
  •  Heavy-duty padding with wear-resisting top
  •  Adjustable multi-position backrest for optimal workouts.
  •  Easy assembling and maneuverability

The Zone+ is a great new addition to the UFC home fitness equipment range and is suitable for all types of training, It’s multi-functional design enables you to store all your fitness accessories within the overall size of the bench. A wide range of exercises are possible with the versatile Zone+, helping build your strength and core.

The Zone+ and accessories is a core component to a UFC Zone Home Workout Gym. A typlical home circuit could consist of a combination of both UFC combat and fitness products to create the ultimate UFC All-In-One Workout Station.

Ultimate fitness isn’t a game, it?s training for the real world, to get the job done whatever that may be. If you want to become the best version of yourself, stop playing and start working. Challenge yourself and be disciplined in your pursuit of success. Take your training to the next level with equipment designed for you to give it your all. Don’t just function perform.

A quality official product from UFC. Order online and train today.