From the range of GOLD award winning baby monitors, introducing the latest digital baby camera, BW614PTR. This Smart Baby Camera is a must for any family and baby nursery as it delivers 2k Super Resolution. The BW614PTR Works as a Standalone Camera or Used to Expand any of the BW61xx Series Baby Monitor Series.

The Uniden Baby Watch® Plus app helps to assist the safety of your child while you’re away from home. Night Vision gives excellent monitoring visibility without the need for the room light being turned on.

With the Zoom, Pan & Tilt functionality, users can wirelessly control their view using Uniden’s remote view app. The remote app is great for family travelling like grandparents who want to see how their grandchildren are or a travelling parent wanting to see how the family is going from the other side of the world. It even has a Temperature and Humidity Display ensuring the room environment is optimised for your baby.

The Pan and Tilt Camera is 2K Super HD and captures all the details of your baby and can zoom up to 6 X times via the App to capture all the detail you need when monitoring your baby. With a 2-Way Talk “Walkie Talkie” Function through the app the smart baby camera allows you to speak through the monitor to the camera where the baby is located to calm them remotely from the next room.

Parents can also take advantage of the danger zone detection mode to mark off an area where the baby is not supposed to go and receive a notification of any activity via the app. The “walkie talkie” function enables parents to talk to and soothe their baby remotely with the monitor, which also comes with a selection of popular lullabies to play, including white noise.

The BW614PTR is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for easy integration with a smart home setup.