The compact and portable Weber Baby Q will have you cooking mouthwatering meals in the great outdoors, wherever your adventures take you. Whether you’re having a backyard cook-up with mates, heading off the beaten track or camping with the fam, the Weber Baby Q will have you eating like royalty.

The high-domed lid, large cooking area and wide temperature range makes the Weber Baby Q ideal for cooking just about anything you can think of. With the Baby Q, you’ll be able to cook the perfect roast, grill your favourite meat and veggies, fry up some tasty bacon and eggs for breakfast, cook up some pizzas, and even bake a cake for dessert—the options are endless!

The Weber Baby Q is quick, simple and safe to light thanks to the push button ignition and the front facing control dial makes adjusting the temperature settings a breeze. There are a wide range of accessories available for the Baby Q including carts, covers, grills, hotplates, fry pans, pizza stones and thermometers to make cooking with and caring for your Weber Baby Q even easier. With the Weber Baby Q you’ll be a BBQing champion, sure to impress every time you cook up a feed.

Rust-resistant grills that provide consistent heat and restaurant-quality sear marks for perfectly cooked meats and veggies. Nice and easy to clean in hot soapy water.

Allows the heat from your burners to be distributed evenly regardless of the direction the wind is coming from.

The burners on Weber QN and QN+ BBQs are highly efficient in gas consumption without compromising on cooking outcomes.

Experience step-by-step cooking instructions thanks to Weber Connect. With specific locations for both the Connect Smart BBQ Hub and the ambient probe, the Weber QN and QN+ BBQs are fully compatible.

*Weber Connect sold separately