FreshSeal Crirpers
Our FreshSeal Crispers have seals that assist in preventing moisture loss to retain fruit and vegetable freshness and look after your food the right way.

Twist Ice & Serve Dispenser
Whether its for an afternoon juice or a whiskey on the rocks, our easy access trist ice dispenser and tray allows you to just twist and servce ice simply.

Glass Shelves
Cleaning your fridge shelves has never been easier. The Westinghouse adjustable glass shelving can be easily manoeuvred allowing you to effortlessly get into every nook and cranny, no matter the mess.

Mulit-Flow Air Delivery System
Frsher food means tastier food. The Westinghouse Multi-Flow Air Delivery System keeps the temperature stable so every ingredient in teh fridge stays fresher for longer.

Electronic Controls
With the Westinghouse Electronic control system, you can easily change the tremperature of your fridge with the touch of a button.

LED Lighting
Spend less time with your head in the fridge and more time enjoying your fresh food with Westinghouse LED lighting. More light means you find what you are looking for faster.

Key Features

  • Full width sealed crisper
  • Twist Ice & Serve Dispenser
  • Multi-Flow air delivery system
  • Adjustable easy clean glass shelves
  • Flat Door Design
  • LED lighting
  • Door Alarm