Fresh Seal Crispers
Our FreshSeal Crispers have adjustable seals, and with humidity control you get better flexibility to look after your food the right way. Our seals assist in preventing moisture loss, while the humidity control lets you provide a better environment for fresher tasting food.

SpillSafe Glass Shelves
Spills happen, but when they do, the world doesn’t have to end. The Westinghouse SpillSafe glass shelves help with the mess by containing the spilt liquid to one self, so you have less to clean.

Adjustable solutions with FlexStor
As your family changes and grows, so do the requirements of your fridge. With FlexStor you enjoy the convenience of being able to easily change the configuration, whatever your needs. Adjust the items and arrange your fridge your way.

Twist Ice & Serve Dispenser
Whether its for an afternoon juice or a whiskey on the rocks, our easy access twist ice dispenser and tray allows you to just twist and serve ice simply.

Multi-Flow Air Delivery System
Fresher food means tastier food. The Westinghouse Multi-Flow Air Delivery System keeps the temperature stable so every ingredient in the fridge stays fresher for longer.

Key Features

  • Humidity controlled crisper bin (full-width)
  • Adjustable Spillsafe tempered glass shelves
  • FlexStor adjustable door bin storage system
  • Twist Ice & Serve Dispenser
  • Quick chill function
  • Internal electronic controls
  • Multi-flow air delivery system