This white Westinghouse heat pump dryer has the capacity to dry 8 kg (1kg the weight of one dry towel) or one queen doona, which is perfect for households of three or four. A heat pump dryer dries fabrics more carefully and efficiently than other types of dryers, which protects clothes and helps with power bill savings. Heat pump dryers don’t need to be vented outside so they’re perfect if you’re renting.

It features a very high 7 star energy rating, allowing you to save energy. Also, the white Westinghouse WDH804N7WA’s 13 types of drying programs help you select the setting for best results. It has reverse tumbling, bedding, delicates, refresh, iron dry, and anti-crease programs. The Westinghouse heat pump dryer has a delayed start setting. It’s 850mm high, 600mm wide, and 662mm deep, so take careful measurements of where your dryer needs to fit, leaving enough room for the door to open.

Around the clock freshness
Our reverse tumbling action switches directions between clockwise and anti-clockwise so your load dries quickly and evenly. Even once damp socks kidnapped into the corners of fitted sheets come out fresh.

Dry without damage
Our SensorDry technology detects when your load is dry enough and ends the cycle instead of just running on a set time, so that you end up with undamaged laundry that’s not been over-dried.

Care at lower temperatures
Line dry only? There’s a Westinghouse appliance for that. Our dryers low/low setting low on tumble and low on heat means they are as protective as a parent on their teens first date.

Take a turn
The straightforward rotary dial means any household members big or small can help out on laundry day.

Retire the iron
Like a face cream for your clothes, our auto cool down reduces wrinkling and means your load is cool to touch when the program is finished.

Key Features

  • 7-Star energy rating
  • Sensordry
  • Easy to use rotary
  • Dial control
  • Reverse tumbling action
  • Auto cool down