Take control of your health & get set for success with WW new Body Analysis Bluetooth Diagnostic Scale. Now you can track your measurements and goals in an easy to use, fun way with access to all your full body analysis data at a glance. Or go in depth with graphs and charts, even earn motivational badges along the way! Plus it automatically syncs your weight to the WW app if you’re a member.

Pair your Bluetooth Weight Watchers Scales to your phone and use the free WW Scales App by Conair. Once connected, step on your scales to see your measurements instantly sync to your phone; see your results over time without any manual data entry.

For more accurate measurements create your own user-profile, by entering your age, height and gender into the WW scales. With a capacity of 10 user-profiles, even a larger family can personalise their measurements.

Get a better perspective of what is happing inside your body. Monitor your water body mass percentage, so when your weight fluctuates you won’t become discouraged by weight gain, knowing it’s based on water retention rather than body fat.

  • Bio-impedance analysis (BIA) measures each user’s body fat, body water + body mass index (BMI)
  • 10 person user memory stores age, height & gender for 10 people
  • Multiple load cell system uses precision electronic strain gauges for accurate measurements
  • Weight measurement in kg or lbs
  • 182kg / 400lbs maxiumum weight
  • Displays weight in 0.05kg/0.1lb increments
  • 4.8cm digital readout with blue backlit display
  • 31.5cm x 31.5cm platform with a smart black & stainless steel look & elegant blue lighted accents
  • 6mm tempered glass
  • 3x long-life AAA batteries (included)
  • Can be used as a normal weight & body analysis scale without use of the WW Scales by Conair app

CAUTION! Do not use this product if you have any electrical implant such as a pacemaker or other internal medical devices.

NOTE: The weight-only mode will give accurate body weight readings for all users.
The body analysis mode will give accurate readings for most people, but it is not calibrated for body analysis measurements of persons under the age of 18 or pregnant women. Consult a medical professional for more help and guidance before using this product.