Sweeping vistas captured with clarity. Moving a step up from the Osprey, the Glyden is perfect for the intermediate to advanced flyer who expects more extended flying time with equally matching features. Equipped with a more advanced flight system that includes Optical Flow and a rechargeable remote control, the Glyden lets you capture sweeping vistas with unrivalled clarity.

Full HD 1080p Resolution
Experience 1080p full high definition with crystal-clear video recording

Wi-Fi FPV Mode (up to 100m)
Use your smartphone to fly the drone using First-Person-View (FPV) via Wi-Fi.

Advanced Flight Systems
Built-in Barometric and Optical Flow Sensors constantly monitor the environment and make microscopic adjustments to the drone’s position for a smooth and precise flight.

Up to 100m Range
With a flight range of up to 100m, the Glyden lets you fly in any direction with unbroken recording.

Intuitive Flight Controls
Hover Mode, 360° Flip Stunt Mode and One Key Landing and Take-off make flying hassle-free and fun.

1800mAh Battery
Fly up to 16 minutes on a single charge.

Rechargeable Remote Control
Packed with smart shortcuts, the rechargeable remote control makes flying a breeze. Simply power on and take to the skies.

Foldable Design
Have drone will travel, thanks to its light, compact and foldable design.

Zero-X App
Just download the latest Free Zero-X App from Google Play Store or Apple Store to enjoy extra features like Wi-Fi FPV video recording to your smartphone for up to 100m, key functions and more.