Capture your adventures in 4K Ultra-HD and always enjoy crisp, detailed and vibrant footage.

12MP Sony Sensor
High Dynamic Range ensures amazing footage in all conditions.

2.0″ LCD Rear Display Screen
View your footage from any angle, with IPS screen technology. A touch-screen menu has been included for easier navigation.

1.4″ LCD Front Display Screen
View the action live in real time on the front screen as you are recording.

900mAh Battery
Never miss an opportunity with up to 90 minutes of recording on a single charge. (Spare batteries available).

Micro SD Card Compatible
Bring your own Micro SD card to store your intrepid adventures or memorable events. (Not included).

Wi-Fi Connectivity
Monitor the action and change settings via your smartphone.

Instant Playback
Review and playback your footage or keep an eye on the action.

Image Stabilisation
Reduce blurry footage and enjoy sharper vision in all terrains.

Slow Motion Mode
Slow down the action for great cinematic results.

Burst Mode
Shoot photos in quick succession to capture that perfect image.

Timelapse Mode
Shoot the scene at timed intervals to create breathtaking videos.

Zero-X Action Camera App
ZX-ACTION App can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Exhilarating vision to inspire adventure.
Aspiring creators and weekend warriors be your own showstopper and shoot your escapades with a personal edge. The forward-facing camera on the dual screen ZX-40 will keep you in the frame. Whether drifting, dancing, driving or diving, the ZX-40 will intensify your videography thanks to its 4K UHD resolution, Electronic Image Stabilisation and 12MP Sony Sensor. A powerhouse in its own right, it will deliver action, emotion, colour and fine details with style.

Waterproof casing with quick release mount included.
Don’t let the elements stop you, the ZX-40 highly durable and waterproof case will keep your action cam safe in up to 30 metres underwater.

Key Features

  • Capture your adventure in detailed 4K Ultra HD
  • 12MP Sony Sensor delivers quality videos in all conditions
  • Monitor the action with front and rear LCD displays
  • Timelapse, Slow Motion and Burst shooting modes
  • Up to 90 minutes of recording from the 900mAh battery

In the box

1x ZX-40 Action Camera
1x USB Charging & Data Cable
1x Waterproof Casing
1x Bike Mount
2x Quick Release Mounts
1x 3M Adhesive Mount
3x 3 Way Mounts
1x Frame Mount
4x Straps
2x Tripod Adaptors