This Bosch vacuum cleaner features both hard floor and carpet cleaning ability. This cordless vacuum has a lithium ion battery with a 60-minute runtime, and features a bagless design. You can pull up plenty of dust, debris, and dirt with the Bosch BCH6AT25AU’s 0.9 litre dust capacity. A good option for cleaning up dust and dirt!

SmartSensor Control. Strong performance every time.
Strong performance every time thanks to sensor-controlled performance with LED indication. The integrated sensor continuously monitors the appliance to ensure that it is performing at the optimal level. The SmartSensor Control light display indicates that the filter needs to be cleaned whenever the cleaning performance drops. This ensures that the appliance can perform at its optimal level again. This also reduces maintenance requirements to a minimum.

Self standing. Can be set aside on its own.
The cordless vacuum cleaner can fit in any niche or corner, thanks to its slim design. It can also be set aside on its own, which is an advantage when you are taking a short break from vacuuming or when you are storing or recharging the appliance.

AllFloor HighPower Brush. For all floor types. Easy to clean.
The motorised AllFloor HighPower Brush achieves thorough cleaning results on all floor types, such as parquet, carpet and even tiles. The roller brush can be easily removed for cleaning and has special engineered grooves allow you to cut away tangled hairs with scissors and then suck them up without having to pick them out by hand.

Key Features

  • A slim design and self-standing capability makes this handstick vacuum easy to set aside for a moment or when storing, and is also ideal for renters.
  • Get the vacuuming done in one go with a long-lasting battery that allows for 60 minutes of continuous cleaning, while a flexible nozzle joint makes it possible to clean down low under furniture without limitations.
  • The lightweight and ergonomic design offers easy moveability for extended cleaning with minimal effort.