Effortless handling, flexible cleaning thanks to compact design.
Vacuuming as easy as it gets. The Unlimited Serie | 6 with its compact design and low weight makes cleaning very comfortable. The handheld weighs only 1.4 kg and together with the tube and the nozzle only 2.3 kg. This makes it now easy to vacuum from the floor to the ceiling.

Ideal for pet owners and fast cleaning.
Pet hair is normally hard to remove. Our specially designed nozzle is perfect for pet owners and provides intense cleaning performance on all types of floor. An extra red brush roll collects pet hair more efficiently. So you get faster cleaning results.

Quality made in Germany.
You value high quality? The Unlimited Serie | 6 is developed and produced in our factory with more than 80 years experience in vacuum cleaner manufacturing. Our vacuum cleaners have won many awards in consumer tests and have passed hundreds of testing hours in the development phase.

Mini power nozzle collects pet hair easily.
Pet hair is a nuisance. The ProAnimal mini power nozzle was developed for pet owners and comes with a standard brush roll and a second brush to make picking up pet hair fast and easy. The mini power nozzle ensures pick up of fibres from upholstery and in places like your pet’s basket.

Brushless motor, motorized floor nozzle – effective performance.
You deserve good performance for cleaning. That’s why we’ve equipped our Unlimited with the latest brushless motor technology, making our digital motor powerful and reliable. Combined with our specially developed Bosch AllFloor Power Brush, this ensures thorough cleaning on all floors.

Cleaning on all levels. Floor, upholstery, ceiling and your car.
Vacuuming on every level – from the floor to the ceiling, is now possible. The vacuum cleaner comes with useful accessories that allow you to clean all kinds of flooring as well as other surfaces, such as tables, upholstery and even your car interior.

Key Features

  • Experience comfortable, floor-to-ceiling whole-home cleaning with this Bosch stick vacuum’s lightweight design, exchangeable batteries so you can vacuum for longer(1), and included accessories to effectively suction pet hair off every surface.
  • Equipped with the latest brushless motor technology, Bosch’s digital motor is powerful, reliable and emission-free. Combined with the specially developed Bosch AllFloor Power Brush, this ensures thorough cleaning on all floors, even thick pile carpets.
  • Convert to handheld mode and attach the ProAnimal Mini Power motorised nozzle to swiftly clean those unwanted pet hairs off the sofa, your pet’s basket, car seats, and more.
  • Double your run time thanks to the two included batteries. Vacuum floors, carpets and upholstery for up to 30 minutes in Normal mode with either of the motorised attachments – then simply swap batteries over to keep on going.
  • Developed and produced in the Bosch factory with more than 80 years’ experience in vacuum cleaner manufacturing, the Unlimited Serie 6 ProAnimal passed hundreds of testing hours in the development phase for vacuuming reliability you can count on.