The bagless Bosch Serie 2 Readyy’y stick vacuum cleaner offers convenient 2-in-1 functionality—both a handheld and handstick in one unit. Simply detach the handheld from the rest of the vacuum and use it to quickly clean those hard-to-reach areas.

With Bosch’s AllFloor HighPower Brush, you can enjoy thorough cleaning across your entire home. The motorized brush roll effectively lifts dust and dirt, even from thick pile carpets. For stubborn areas, use the turbo power mode, which delivers boosted suction. The EasyClean™ System makes clearing tangled hairs from the brush roll effortless. Enjoy cordless freedom for up to 44-minutes of continuous runtime thanks to the lithium-ion battery—enough to clean the entire house in one swoop.

The vacuum’s slim build can be neatly stored in any corner or closet. Its freestanding design means no docking station is needed.

2-in-1. For maximum flexibility.
The integrated detachable vacuum cleaner can be easily and quickly removed and put to use. This means it is immediately ready to hand wherever you need it. The emphasis is on ease of use and handling, with an ergonomically placed power switch and easy balance. The detachable vacuum cleaner is also ideal for quickly cleaning tables, chairs and sofas or for vacuuming hard-to-reach areas such as drawers whenever the time arises. Even the dust box and filter are easy to access.

Self standing. Can be set aside on its own.
The cordless vacuum cleaner can fit in any niche or corner, thanks to its slim design. It can also be set aside on its own, which is an advantage when you are taking a short break from vacuuming or when you are storing or recharging the appliance.

Key Features

  • Taking up no more space than the size of the vacuum, this handstick doesn’t require a docking station making it ideal for renters.
  • 2-in-1 functionality allows you to detach a small handheld vacuum from the handstick to allow flexible use.
  • The lightweight and ergonomic design offers easy moveability for comfortable cleaning.