This white Fisher & Paykel front load washing machine has a high 4.5 star WELS water rating and a 4.5 star energy rating for bill savings, and the capacity to wash 8.5kg of dry laundry per load so you can easily handle one queen doona. Revive clothing that has been worn and just needs to be freshened up with a quick Steam Refresh cycle that reduces odors and removes wrinkles in just 20 minutes without a full wash cycle, maximizing the life span of your garments. It has 13 types of washing programs, allowing you to select the setting for best washing results. Plus, the white Fisher & Paykel WH8560P3’s high 1400 rpm maximum spin speed enables you to wring all of the moisture out of the clothes fibers. It features a delayed start setting. This white front load washing machine is 850mm high, 600mm wide, and 645 mm deep, so take careful measurements of where your washer needs to fit, leaving enough space for the door to open and for a dryer to be wall-mounted above if you want to save floor space.

13 fabric care cycles including Steam Refresh, Quick 30, Bulky and Easy Iron. A gentle, effective wash action protects clothes while delivering an optimal wash performances

Steam Refresh is perfect for occasions where clothes have been worn once and need freshening up. The 20 minute cycle will reduce odours and de-wrinkle clothes, making them ready to wear again without the need for a full wash cycle.

Select “Speed” to shorten wash and rinse times or choose “Eco” to wash more sustainably with lower temperatures and less water usage.

SmartDrive™ Technology is a gentle, quiet, and efficient combination of smart electronics and a direct drive motor that senses the load to deliver better fabric care.

Our Wool cycle is an extra gentle warm wash, perfect for machine washable woollen items. It has a Woolmark™ guarantee so you can wash with confidence, saving time on hand washing.

The Add a Garment feature allows you to quickly add or remove any size garment mid cycle. Simply press the Add a Garment button and the door will unlock. If the drum water is too high, just enough will be drained out before the door is unlocked.

The complete package for a beautiful laundry. The 8.5kg washing machine is designed to match our 8kg Heat Pump Condensing Dryer or the 8kg Condensing Dryer. With outstanding aesthetics and complimentary wash and dry cycles, they become the perfect pair to deliver complete fabric care.

Key Features

  • Designed to match our dryers with outstanding aesthetics and complimentary wash cycles
  • 13 fabric care cycles including Steam Refresh, Quick 30, Bulky and Easy Iron
  • Steam Refresh cycle de-wrinkles, deodorizes, and refreshes clothes
  • Optimize Wash option saves time, maximizes energy efficiency or reduces water usage
  • Better fabric care with SmartDrive™ Technology
  • Wool cycle with a Woolmark guarantee
  • Add or remove items during the wash cycle with Add a Garment