Designed for flexibility, this three-door fridge-freezer comes with a Switch Zone™ compartment and Humidity Zone™ drawer to help create the ideal environment for various foods.

Switch Zone™ compartment lets you change the temperature between -18°C and +5°C, so you can use it as a fridge or freezer.

A Humidity Zone™ bin creates the optimum environment for fruit and vegetables.

Multi-Zone Air cooling system for consistent airflow to every corner of the fridge.

Filtered cold water from the door with the refillable interior water tank.

Key Features

Switch Zone™ flexibility
When you need extra space, Switch Zone™ gives you the freedom to change the top left compartment to fridge or freezer. Change it back just as easily, or select any temperature between -18°C to +5°C.

Energy savvy
Designed for energy efficiency, with a 4-star energy rating.

Humidity Control System
A Humidity Zone™ drawer maintains the right humidity to help keep your fruit and vegetables fresh and flavourful.

Cold water on tap
A filtered water dispenser makes it simple to reach for a glass of chilled water. The internal water tank is easy to refill and doesn’t require plumbing, while the interior twist ice maker and collection bin makes storing ice simple.

Even cooling
Multi-Zone Air evenly circulates cool air to every corner of your fridge. By maintaining a stable temperature, this cooling system creates an ideal food storage environment, for lasting freshness.

Considered design
This fridge has a modern flat door and horizontal recessed handles, and is designed to fit into common kitchen cavity heights.